a Moroccan Scandinavian Collaboration


La Vida Surf is a Collaboration between two continents and regions: Africa/Morocco and Europe Scandinavia/Finland. We are the first Finnish surf company in Morocco and very excited to share our Moroccan experience with our fellow Northerners. Our Team is celebrating diversity by being a truly multicultural blend of great people and values. We are introducing the Moroccan culture to our Nordic guests and the North to our Moroccan partners, collaborators, and friends. Join our Surf-Cultural journey and help us to spread La Vida Surf - Ecology & Sustainable Surf message.


La Vida Surf is celebrating diversity both amongst its crew and also in our corporate values. We have adapted a North European corporate structure with transparency and direct communication as key, in order to optimize efficiency and productivity. In surfing itself, the rider needs to have a certain skill set in order to stay on top; as such, in a multinational branch which surfing is, adaptability is a central element in order to cultivate resilience and persistence within the corporation.

                         "Respect the elements, cultivate adaptability, prevail. GO SURFING"

- Aleksi, La Vida Surf



La Vida Surf - Villa Dar Shajara

Have a look inside of La Vida Surf – Villa Dar Shajara, located in one of Morocco’s most unique areas.

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