Who We Are





We are extremely proud & happy to give you La Vida Surf, a Moroccan - Scandinavian Surf Company built on values deeply rooted in respect for the nature, the elements and life itself. La Vida Surf was literally founded on the waves of Taghazout in Morocco, "the Surf Mecca" of Africa, when two surfers met, connected, and BAM, knew what needed to be done. Namely, to build a Surf Collaboration which provides much more than just professional surf teaching & guiding, great accommodation, yoga & movement classes, and 3 healthy meals/day. We do all that but, more importantly, at La Vida Surf we cultivate a lifestyle of Surf, Respect and Knowledge. We are excited to welcome you to join us and experience the amazing Surf & Nature Morocco has to offer.


Meanwhile stay true to what you do, Respect the Nature and Her Elements, Celebrate Life & finally, GO SURFING.


Our crew is built on the foundations of Respect for the Surf and the Outdoors. The values we cultivate and pass on at La Vida Surf have their roots in the founding members and we see it as our responsibility to pass on the good vibes, knowledge and respect amongst our guests and friends. When you work with us, you surf every day and let the nature shape you.

You can contact each of us regardless of your question, we will always try to help and connect with you!



Feel free to get in touch with any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!



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