Ashtanga & Meditation Retreat with Heli & Rea 28.12-04.01.2020




This coming new years Astanga yoga and meditation retreat is for you, who has practised Astanga for awhile and  at least  parts of the 1.serie is familiar to you. We are practising in mysore style and teachers are assisting you in your poses.

During the week we have 2 philosofical lectures where we contemplate yoga teachings and how reflect then in out daily lives.

We also have practises on a 3 afternoons where we focus on physical activities that supports out asana practise.

We also have restoring asana practises and deep relaxation.

On the evenings we have guided meditation and pranayama workshop with Aleksi.

We also have daily trips and also have time just to sit back and ease.

To the New Years transition we dance our hearts out!


I have always known that Iˋm here to help and serve others. Yoga came to me when I was in my twenties. I tried hatha yoga, and got little bored but still there happened some magic that pulled me towards it like a magnet. Then I found Astanga Yoga school in Helsinki. Starting course was held by itˋs profounders Juha Javanainen & Petri Räisänen who are still important influencers in my practise. It blew my mind!! I loved everything about it! It´ s physical movement and the heat and deep purification.  After few years I yearned more silence and serenity and needed to go deeper and found meditation. With Ananda Seva I came to hatha yoga and it´ s sofftness and self realization  and learned what is bhakti and what it means by letting go off my ego and see the divinity  in everything.

I think it´s really good to start the yoga with the asanas and with the teachings on yama and niyama. It gives a solid ground to go deeper in your yoga practise. When you contemplate your morality and ethics and understand how your mind works and how you act in your mat  basically thats how you act in your life. Then you realise that you need to focuse on your intensions behind your actions. That is the moment when you go deeper and the practise comes more inside than outside. That´ s when the transition happens and you do your asana practise for the higher purpose. Maybe this is the moment when meditation comes naturally along your yoga path. This is the trail to the higher grounds and eventually to bhakti yoga which is the goal off yoga.

I have practised yoga nearly 20 years, almost half of my life. There has been ups and downs, more active and less active, more motivated and less motivated times in it. But it´ s always there. I´ m still processing Astanga intermediate 2nd serie. I´ve had two children, had some injuries with my back and so on and so on. I know this is a lifetime yourney, so why rush with anything.

So I´ m a mother for two teenagers who are my constant reminders to bring the teachings of yoga in reality.  I also do these healing mobilisation bone&body adjustment treatments as a daily job. I work with all kinds of people from babies to the grannies who has usually multiple musculoscenetal problems that are caused by changes in body´ s natural alignment.  When you treat physical body, you automatically heal psychical plane as well. Traumatic injuries and memories stays in your cells and often is treated here as well. Also your habits affects your muscular system, so that it draws you out of balance.  People feel very stable, balanced, relieved, light and relaxed after the treatment.


I have practised 20 years in many different sport and governmental tasks and almost 10 years as a educator in massage school and as a sport teacher in schools.  I found Astanga yoga by a chance after a competitive sport career when I realized my body cant´t bear this type of practise no longer. I needed new type of challenges. At first yoga was a physical practise for me, but eventually understanding yogas finer levels grew larger by realizing the meaning of the breath and meditation.  I practise 1.serie and parts of 2. Serie of Astanga yoga.

I started teaching beginners classes 2017. Then the 1. Serie and have been as an assistant in mysore classes. Heli is my teacher in Astanga and meditation. I have practised Astanga yoga with Heli for now 10 years.

My thought of a humans wellbeing is very whole  where everything affects on everything. By the good managing of the use of your time, multiple exercising, healthy good and with good social network has a positive affect on your overrall health and preventing illnesses and a good care of your whole body system.

During this Retreat we will focus on power and strength practises that supports your asana practise and gives a good and supportive balance. There is also a excercises for the better oxygen ja durance and for the recovery.


08:00 Sunrise Yoga

09:30 Healthy nutritious brunch

12:00 Breathing & Breath Holding workshop

14:00 Free time for exploration, conscious hikes and meditations, surf classes, and other activities

18:00 Sunset Yoga

19:00 Organic tasty dinner


La Vida Surf stands for a healthy lifestyle, which we happily share with our friends and guests. Our whole crew spends time on the surf and in practice each day. La Vida Surf is founded to cultivate clarity of body and mind. In our day and age, consistent and diverse practice is the key to longevity and health.


Feel free to get in touch with any questions,  we look forward to hearing from you!

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