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La Vida Surf is a small Nordic-Moroccan Surf & Nature company which is found on one basic principle, namely "Giving Back" while enjoying the outdoors. We consider preserving the very nature in which we love to roam in as one of the most important deeds to be done for human kind. All life can be traced back to the existence of our forests and oceans and it is no secret mankind is on a quest of full exploitation of these vital sources of life. Therefore also La Vida Surf (like so many great minds and companies have done before us) will join the quest of preserving the nature we love by donating a percentage of our income to the founding of La Vida Surf - Groundwater Fund (Perintövesi Säätiö), which is set to buy land and preserve it.

How do we then intend to gather the necessary funds? Partly with your help! La Vida Surf is a surf company operating in Morocco offering surf coaching & guiding, invigorating yoga & movement retreats, accommodation in a traditional Moroccan Riad with a hint of ecological solar panel powered luxury, nature hikes and cultural trips. During the summer months La Vida Surf offers nature experiences in the Finnish archipelago and inland forests by organizing SUP trips along our rivers and lakes. By spreading the word of La Vida Surf and inviting friends to come over for a great surf holiday you help us to help the nature. Please spread the word and become part of the LVS Family. We offer special vacation deals for our ambassadors. Read more on our site www.lavidasurf.com


My name is Aksu and my first touch of Morocco was through my Moroccan friend Hossni who told me about a little Village by the name Imsouane. He told me about this little house on the beach right by a point break which sounded like an epic wave. Back then (15 years ago) Imsouane had just gotten electricity and the surf activity was very downscaled. With this story in mind 10 years passed before I first landed in Morocco to view the amazing nature, culture and of course all the epic points. After traveling the country for 5 years I finally found the house of my dreams in Ait Ahmed, just above the famous fishing village Taghazout. I wish for you to come and experience Morocco for yourself and enjoy both my experience and hospitality. This house is built with passion for preservation of nature and good times. Welcome!


Aleksi Koskelin,

Founder of La Vida Surf

Meanwhile stay true to what you do, Respect the Nature and Her Elements, Celebrate Life & finally, GO SURFING.


Our crew is built on the foundations of Respect for the Surf and the Outdoors. The values we cultivate and pass on at La Vida Surf have their roots in the founding members and we see it  as our responsibility to pass on the good vibes, knowledge and respect amongst our guests and friends. When you work with us, you surf or work on body related self reflective pracices every day and let the nature shape you. You can contact each of us regardless of your question, we will always try to help and connect with you!


Feel free to get in touch with any questions,  we look forward to hearing from you! 


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